CIDR 2009

This weekend, I’ll be at CIDR 2009, the biennial Conference on Innovative Data Systems Research. It’s an interesting conference: not as formal or as high-pedigree as the prestigious database conferences (SIGMOD and VLDB), but the papers are usually interesting and provocative. There is one track of peer reviewed papers and one of track of “Perspectives” that are selected by the program committee to spark a discussion. I’m one of the authors on a Perspectives track paper, “Continuous Analytics: Rethinking Query Processing in a Network-Effect World” — which is essentially a fancy title for the thesis that stream processing techniques are more widely applicable to mainstream business analytics than most people seem to think.

If you’ll be there, say hi. In the near future, I hope to post more about the paper, and the rest of the research I’ve been doing so far at school.

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