October 22, 2007

PostgreSQL Conference Fall 2007

This weekend’s conference in Portland was a great experience. Much thanks to Selena Deckelmann, Josh Drake, and all the other volunteers for organizing and running the conference. Everything ran amazingly smoothly!

I’ve posted the slides to my talk on “Query Execution Techniques in PostgreSQL“. I thought the talk went fairly well, although unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to get to everything I wanted to discuss. In the talk, one of the algorithms I discussed was the “hybrid hash join”, which is the common hash join algorithm used by most modern DBMSs, including PostgreSQL. The night before, Jeff Davis tipped me off to the fact that the inventor of the hybrid hash join algorithm, Dr. Len Shapiro from PSU, was going to be in the audience! Thankfully I didn’t get the details of the hybrid hash join wrong 🙂 It was a pleasure to meet Dr. Shapiro, whose students are doing some interesting work improving hash index bulk build performance.


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