April 23, 2007


I’ve been busy at school recently, finishing my undergraduate thesis and taking my final exams. I’ve got one more exam on Thursday, but once that’s finished, I should be pretty much finished my undergraduate degree (fingers crossed).

In a complexity theory class I’m taking, I recently gave a talk on Kolmogorov complexity, introducing the basic ideas and discussing some notable applications. I’m no expert at AIT, so take the contents with a grain of salt.


I’ve decided to take a full-time position at Amalgamated Insight, working on their PostgreSQL-based data stream management system (DSMS). I interned at AI last summer and I was very impressed, so I’m excited at the chance to work for them again. This also means I’ll be moving to the Bay Area in early June.

Speaking of stream processing, I’ll be giving a talk about data stream query processing at PgCon 2007. Gavin and I are also doing an introduction to modifying the PostgreSQL source code, similar in spirit to the “Introduction to Hacking PostgreSQL” tutorial we gave at the Anniversary Summit. The details are still a little hazy, but the goal is to make the session rewarding to both newcomers and to those who attended the previous tutorial.


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