March 03, 2007


pgmemcache 1.2 beta is out. This release makes some notable
changes to the pgmemcache API, including:

  • There is now no need to call memcache_init, and
    that function has been removed, as has memcache_free

  • A default list of memcached servers can now be specified
    via the newly-added pgmemcache.default_servers
    custom GUC variable

  • There are some new functions, like
    memcache_server_list and

  • Various deprecated or broken functions have been
    removed, including memcache_flush_all(TEXT), and
    the 1-argument versions of memcache_add,
    memcache_set, and memcache_replace

The release notes have more information. Note that I haven’t
had a chance yet to update all the documentation for these
changes (e.g. seanc’s slides on pgmemcache are becomingly
increasingly out of date).

Also, there’s a bug in
libmemcache that effects the new SRF
memcache_server_list: connected servers were not
properly marked as such by libmemcache. I’ve fixed this in
the latest libmemcache
, but I haven’t had a chance to roll 1.4.0rc3 yet.

Download: pgmemcache_1.2beta1.tar.gz,

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