August 25, 2004

I have a problem

Okay, I’ll admit it: I’m completely, helplessly addicted to editing Wikipedia. I’ve always thought the project was cool and I’ve contributed a few edits in the past, but the habit has really gotten out of hand recently:

  • over the summer months I made about 2,500 edits (that said, most of them were small stuff like spelling fixes or changes for policy compliance).
  • I feel the urge to frequently advocate Wikipedia to friends, family, and random strangers.
  • I own Wikipedia clothing.
  • I’ve begun reading up on random subjects I know nothing about solely for the purpose of contributing to WP on it.

Winding up the summer

I took a break from the OSS world this summer to do another internship at a commercial software firm in Seattle (I did the same thing last summer). The group I was working in was doing some really cool work, although unfortunately the details are NDA. As fun as that was, I must confess it’s a pleasure to get back to working on OSS.


I’m getting increasingly annoyed playing low-limit hold’em at casinos. Like any good geek, before playing poker for sizeable amounts of money I read a few books on the subject and learnt how to play “properly” — tight and aggressive. “Get your money in when you’ve got the best of it, protect it when you don’t,” as they say. While I think I’m playing well, the results haven’t been favourable: I’ve ended down the last four times I’ve gone to a casino. The most annoying thing is that I can’t find any fault in my play — given a second chance to play all those hands again, I’d play them mostly the same way. I’m tempted to blame my losses on bad luck / cold cards, but of course that’s always easy to do. On the other hand, I’ve been cleaning up playing no limit online, so at least that’s something.

Garden State

I saw Garden State recently and absolutely loved it. Natalie Portman stole the movie, I think. I bought the soundtrack the next day, which is great too. See this movie!


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